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Set of Magnetic Test Tips 6.6mm (black)

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Set of three magnetic test tips to be used for voltage input.

Diameter: 6.6mm

Color: Black

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Optimum safety thanks to the insulation of the overall length of the magnet and its barrier which reminds the forbidden area. Dedicated to semi- temporary measuring of voltages onto steel screw terminal blocks. Fast connecting and disconnecting to terminal block thanks to magnet. Safety and preciseness putting thanks to its handle. Access to deep terminal blocks in cluttered environment thanks to the length and fineness of the stick. Compliance with amendment1 2011 of IEC61010-031 standard.

1000 V CAT II / 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV, reinforced insulation, pollution degree 2, max. current: 4A.

Manufacturer product number: 606MG6.6-IEC3IV-N

Attention: It is strongly advised not to use a magnetic measuring tip at the neutral conductor connection of the Emonio P3 ! If the connection to the neutral conductor is interrupted, the full supply voltage of L1 is applied to this connection and represents a life-threatening danger!

The Emonio P3 measuring instrument is supplied with power via the L1 and N lines and the integrated power supply unit. - The voltage connections L1 and N are therefore supply lines at the same time!