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Emonio X1 (storage extension)

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The Emonio X1 addon card adds storage capacity to the Emonio P3 as well as an interface for temperature sensors (DS18x) or a pulse counter.

Together with the default-installed 16GB SDhc card, the Emonio is capable of logging up to one year with a one-second precision ! (One line of CSV-file for every second.)

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The "X1" expansion board equips your Emonio with additional memory and has connection options for various environmental sensors (DS18x, BME280, BME680, DHTx) or a pulse generator.

Together with the 8GB SDhc card installed as standard, it enables the recording of measured values ​​over a whole year with a resolution of one second! (One CSV line for each second.)

Installation Guide

Installation guide for X1 adapter

Download (420.13k)

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