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Emonio App: Update Version 1.2.0

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The Emonio app gets an update to version 1.2.0. Most work was put into a reworked files page. But other parts also got improved.

Reworked files page

The new files page gives better insights on your files. The information displayed below the file name now includes the file size, start time and end time. Furthermore the active CSV file, means the file which currently is filled with measurement values, is highlighted visually. The new 3-dot menu contains all available file actions. Newly added actions are the possibility to rename a file and to trigger the export via telemetry.

Export via telemetry

As mentioned you are now able to initiate the export via telemetry on the files page. The following conditions must be met:

  1. You need a valid license for the Emonio
  2. The Emonio needs to be connected to the internet
  3. An connection to the telemetry server must be established

Help if no Emonio was found

If no Emonio was found while scanning for nearby devices, a short help text is shown. It acts as a first help and links to the Emonio wiki where additional help can be found.

Transfer and representation of umlauts

With the new version umlauts and special characters are transferred and displayed correctly. If you previously had issues while logging in or deleting files, you should be fine now.

Location service on android 12 and newer

Since android 12 the app does not need access to the location service to search for Bluetooth devices nearby. However it still asked for it, which gets fixed with this update.