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Emonio App: Update Version 1.4.0

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These are the new features that come with the update to version 1.4.0.

Temperature values

The values of up to four temperature sensors are now displayed on the Home page. The prerequisite for this is that the associated setting is activated and temperature sensors have been selected.

Display of the model name

In addition to the device series, the model name is now also displayed in the system information. This is one of the preparations for the new model series 'gaua'.

Incorrectly displayed current sensor configuration

In connection with Emonios which have installed version 3.0.46 or higher, incorrect options were displayed in the current sensor selection. This only affected the selection for sensors without integrator. The selection has been adjusted and now shows the correct values.

New error and warning messages

The app supports possible error and warning messages related to the telemetry buffer.

Correct classification of WLAN networks

Some WLAN networks were incorrectly displayed in the group of "open" networks, although they were password-protected. This problem occurred mainly with very new routers, but has now been fixed.

Renaming logging

The item "Logging" has been changed to "Debugging" in the setup to avoid possible confusion.