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Emonio App: Update Version 1.6.0

- Categories : Emonio App , General

These are the new features that come with the update to version 1.6.0.

Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors can now also be selected in the settings, meaning that all functions related to temperature measurement can be controlled via the app.

Note: At least firmware version 3.0.57 must be installed on the Emonio for the setting to take place.

Format file system

On the file page, it is now possible to format the Emonio file system to delete all files at once. The function can be accessed via the new menu in the top bar.

Reset counter

Confirmation is requested when resetting the counter. This is to prevent accidental resetting.

All information immediately

After the initial setup of an Emonio, all information is now displayed correctly on the system page. Previously, some information was missing here, which only became visible after reconnecting.

Preparations Emonio P3plus

In the background, the app is still being prepared for the Emonio P3plus, which will be available soon.