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Emonio App: Update Version 1.6.1

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Current sensors

The current sensors can be changed again in the settings. This is necessary if different sensors are used with one device.

Note: The measuring range setting should not be changed, otherwise measurement deviations of up to 5% are to be expected. If the setting has been changed by mistake, it should be reset as follows:

  •     50mV -> 1250A
  •     105mV -> 4700A
  •     MRC100 -> 2500A

Meter values

With version 3.0.61 of the Emonio firmware, the internal meter format has changed in order to be able to record drawn and fed-in energy separately. The new app currently only shows the total meter reading, which is the difference between the energy drawn and the energy fed in. Separately displayed meter readings will follow in an upcoming version.

Minor adjustments

In addition, many small adjustments have been made to improve the function and appearance of the app.

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