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Emonio P3: Firmware Version 3.0.46

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The Emonio firmware gets an update to version 3.0.46 with many minor and major improvements. The most important include:

Aborted TELEMETRY export

When powering on, the Emonio repairs a possibly corrupted (e.g. through a sudden power loss) last line of the CSV file by removing it. Under certain circumstances, a character from the line separator of the penultimate line was removed, which led to the TELEMETRY export being aborted. This is now fixed.

Warning after faulty TELEMETRY export

Furthermore, the TELEMETRY export no longer aborts if CSV files contain minor errors, but instead exports the entire file, ignoring the CSV lines with errors. If several such errors occur during the export, a corresponding WARNING is displayed in the web interface and in the Emonio app.

Missing files in Emonio app

If the number of files in the file system was very high, it could happen that the file list in the Emonio app remained empty. This bug has been fixed (requires Emonio app 1.1.2 or later).

Current direction can be inverted on the HOME page

The current direction of CTs and RCs that were accidentally installed the wrong way around can now be inverted on the HOME page, i.e. you no longer have to call up the SETUP for this.

Display of the default device name in SETUP

The default name of the device is now displayed in SETUP if no custom device name has been specified.

Accelerated loading of the FILES page

If the file system contained very large CSV files, the loading of the FILES page was occasionally slow. This has been significantly accelerated.

Corrected recording duration with missing timestamp

An incorrect recording duration was displayed for newly created CSV files if the start or end time stamp were not yet available. This no longer happens.

Wrong characters in Telnet login

Telnet login sometimes displayed incorrect characters, this has been fixed.

Umlauts in the web browser

Umlauts and other special characters are now displayed correctly everywhere in the web browser.

Warning if JavaScript is deactivated

If JavaScript is deactivated in the web browser, a corresponding warning is now displayed on every page.

Improvements in EMONCMS/HTTP protocol

The EMONCMS/HTTP telemetry protocol now also supports HTTPS and ALL energy values ​​(including summary) are transmitted.

Bluetooth is reactivated on factory reset

The ble_enabled configuration value has been added to those that are restored to their default value on factory reset.

Change in the command line commands

The CLI (command line interface) commands "dd", "hd", "tail" and "touch" have been removed. Instead, the new command "erase" has been added. The erase command allows the complete deletion of the configuration, the EEPROM or the event-buffer, which puts the Emonio in its delivery state.

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Wenzl - 10/31/2022 16:03:02

I think this is the best firmware that's ever been available for Emonio devices !!