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Emonio P3: Firmware Version 3.0.52

- Categories : Emonio Firmware , General

In the new version 3.0.52 of the Emonio firmware, several small and medium-sized bugs have been fixed. The most important ones are briefly explained below...

File Loss

There was a bug that could cause the directory structure of the file system to become corrupted. This could only occur when debugging was enabled to write to a file and the power supply was interrupted during the writing process to the log file.

Repeated Restart

In conjunction with poor or very unstable internet connection, it could cause the Emonio to restart. In very rare cases, this led to an infinite loop where the Emonio would restart approximately every 10-15 minutes.

Improved Update Page

The update page now loads more confidently, and a faulty display has been removed. The update button only appears when an update is actually available.

Additional Changes

Several improvements have been made to deeper levels of the firmware. Furthermore, we are actively working on new Emonio models, and we will provide more information about them soon.