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New: Import of a CSV file in

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Finally it is possible to use our online platform also for offline measurements.

With the new dashboard for data import, it is no problem to import a CSV file and then use the graphical processing of the data to evaluate the measurement.

There are now three ways to transfer measurement data from the Emonio to the online platform pro.emonio:

  1. Online measurement - The Emonio is connected to the internet and sends the measurement data to the online platform in real
  2. Export from Emonio - The Emonio has stored the measurement data in a CSV file during an offline measurement; after the measurement, the Emonio is connected to the internet and the CSV file is exported
  3. Import to - The Emonio has saved the measurement data in a CSV file during an offline measurement, after the measurement the file is downloaded and then imported to via the data import dashboard.

Application in 3 steps

  1. after the measurement, download the CSV file from Emonio (via the web interface or with the Emonio App)
  2. open the data import dashboard on and select the correct Emonio
  3. follow the steps to import the file

View of the import dashboard

The dashboard will be made accessible step by step in the coming weeks. If you need to import data but do not have access at this point, get in contact with us and we will enable the dashboard for you.

For more information, see the Wiki entry on the Data Import Dashboard.

Do you have feedback or questions about the new Data Import Dashboard?
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