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Emonio P3 25mm

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Emonio P3 complete with 3 x 25mm Rogowski Coils with inner width of 50mm for measurements of up to 625A. Also including safety patchcords, 3x magnetic adaptors, 1x alligator clip and transport case.

Ready for measurements up to 140kW per single phase.

The device comes with an internal memory of 8MB. When using a 15 minute interval to record the data in the internal .CSV-file this is sufficient for up to one year of measurements. If you plan to use more detailed logging (writing a dataset every few seconds), we recommend to add the memory extension X1 (below) to extend the memory to 16GB with the included SD card (we will install it for you).

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Power supply Magnetic test tips and crocodile clamps on U1, U2, U3 and N, no additional power supply needed.
Diameter magnetic test tips 6,6mm
Measurement range (voltage) 240V against Neutral, 400V Phase-Phase
Operational range 100-240 V (between Neutral and Phase 1)
Inputs 3+1 for Voltage and Neutral, 3 Current
Measurement range 1, only CTs 0.5A to 80A (max. cable width: 10mm)
Measurement range 2, Rogowski coils without integrator, 50mV/kA 2A to 625A (Inner diameter: 25mm, 30mm, 50mm)
Measurement range 3, Rogowski coils without integrator, 50mV/kA 2A to 1250A (Inner diameter: 100mm)
Measurement range 4, Rogowski coils without integrator, 105mV/kA 3A to 4800A (Inner diameter: 150mm)
Input for current sensors ±0,33V or ±0,5V
Accuracy ± 1% for U, I, P, S, L and Q. All devices are calibrated and are shipped with a certificate.
Sample rate ~24.000 samples/sec
Memory 8MB flash memory or 16GB sdhc-card (non removable). The extension from 8MB to 16GB can be retrofitted at any time. See also: Emonio X1 adapter in the shop.
Consumption 0,9W
Communication internal and external WiFi, MQTT
Interface 3 LEDs
Operational temperature -5ºC to 60ºC
max. relative humidity 85%
Size in mm (LxWxH) 127,00 x 88,90 x 38,10mm
Weight (incl. cables and magnetic adapters, without current sensors) 250g
Weight (incl. cables and magnetic adapters, with 80A current sensors) 445g
Mounting options Magnetic back side, 3mm grommet
Over current category CAT III
Electromagnetic compatibility Tested according to EMC guidelines (2014/30/EU)
Electrical safety Tested according to LVD  (2014/35/EU)
Encryption Default: TLS 1.2
Installation Guide

Installation guide for X1 adapter

Download (425.48k)
User Manual (EN)

User Manual Emonio P3 (english)

Download (9.75M)
User Manual (german)

User manual Emonio P3 (german)

Download (9.8M)

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